Garage Door Springs

Broken springs can be a source of huge trouble for the garage owners. We will provide you information about the risks and opportunities involved when replacing the broken garage door springs.

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Garage door springs are by far the most used part of the garage door system, an average American garage door goes through at least 2 cycles of use daily (1 cycle being 1 opening and 1 closure of the garage door). Hence the amount of tension force released on them.Garage Door Springs in Florida

Types of springs

Garage door springs can be divided into 2 major categories: Torsion and Extension springs. They are used for the same purposes and no matter which one you need, our service will be ready to help in replacing it. The tension force carried by them is rather high, so it could damage the belongings of the garage owner. We therefore advise to change the springs before they actually break by estimating the amount of cycles they have gone through.

Extra Trouble

Automatic Garage door repair is an unavoidable part of our lives, and what we offer gives a perfect opportunity to do it in the most efficient way when the time comes. Springs break quite easily and due to their importance, are often the main income source for scammers.They could charge as much as 300% of the actual cost or offer extra parts, which are not needed at all.


Warranties often include ‘’Low quality spring replacement’’ during the purchase of garage doors. However, they are not necessarily a guarantee for careless usage of them. Their lifespan can last anywhere between 3 to 7 years, but it can be heavily reduced if there are some unforeseen weights causing increased tension. These weights usually include paint, safety system, decorations, etc. One should always take these extra weights into account when considering the best timing to replace the springs.

Beware of the Dangers

Spring replacement should not be done by the homeowners themselves as a Do-It-Yourself kind of task because of the sheer amount of force involved with them. The replacement requires physical force and risk minimization by anticipating the most dangerous aspects of the task.

Why Bother?

Bear in mind that even if you are ready to replace the spring yourself, it can be quite hard to get a new one. They are often not sold to final customers directly, mostly because of the fear that they will hurt themselves and sue the seller. Most of the time, it will even be cheaper to just hire a professional company like us, who’ll have all the necessary tools and experience than to attempt to do the work yourselves

Ready to Help

Our company is always ready to provide you with assistance when replacing the springs. We offer professional help in other areas too. If you ever have a problem with your garage door, give us a call or send us a message. We won’t disappoint! Also, have a look at our website if you require any extra information on these subjects.

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