The Most Common Reasons to Call for Repairs

The Most Common Reasons to Call for Repairs

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Accidents happen to everyone. But some of them occur more frequently than others. When it comes to garage doors, there are quite a few things that can go wrong if you don’t stay on top of maintenance, but these are the ones that seem to be the most common. It has a lot to do with the stress that components are under all of the time. But more often than not, when someone phones up a technician for assistance or repairs, it’s because of an accident or an overly relaxed attitude towards maintaining their setups. So, learn from the most common mistakes right here, and you’ll never have to find yourself in one of the following positions.

Rust and the damp

The Most Common Reasons to Call for Repairs

This is particularly common in areas with high humidity such as coastal areas and those that see a lot of rain. Damp air can cause a few of the metallic components in your system to start to rust - and rust is never a good sign. As rust grows it exponentially weakens the areas which are afflicted by it, meaning that they can no longer take the stress put on them by the door, leading them to fail and having you on the lookout for garage door repair.

A lapse in concentration

This is perhaps the most common cause of garage door problems, and it is because of one factor that we will never be able to do without (at least for now), human error. People back their cars up into doors all the time, usually because they are in a rush or have parked in such a way that they need to maneuver awkwardly to get out. Luckily when this happens, one usually doesn’t need to repair the bulk of the system, often just the door panels need replacement.

Stress and strain on springs

Garage door springs take most of the workload with regards to lifting your door. Even when it is not in operation, these little guys are working hard to keep things in place and maintain balance. That kind of performance must come at a price. Keep an eye on your springs to make sure there are no cracks, rust or any other signs of stress, to avoid needing emergency replacement when they break.

A dead battery

It might sound strange, but sometimes the simplest things are overlooked. It often happens that someone struggles for hours to get their openers working, thinking that something is majorly wrong, only to find that the battery in their garage door opener remote is dead. Keep spare batteries around to make sure that you don’t get caught out by this one, and that you can test it properly before calling a technician.

The best wat to avoid most of these issues is to stay on top of regular garage door maintenance. If you inspect and see to your equipment as often as you can, this will be as easy as giving the components a casual eye while you go about your day, but if you don’t it could wind you up with some expensive and inconvenient damages to deal with.

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